70多年来, 十大菠菜网排行 (GCU) has proudly maintained its rich heritage as a prestigious teaching college. 我们的教育学院继续培养政策制定者, 管理员s and educators who strive to deliver quality education and enrich lives across a variety of school and community settings. 无论您需要什么-重新认证, 许可, endorsements — GCU's continuing education courses online can help you achieve your goals and earn continuing education units (CEU) credits.


GCU的继续教育课程为学习新概念提供了一个经济实惠且方便的途径. Keep up with current trends in education and earn your credits from an institution that consistently offers new coursework for educators. 课程作业与研究生水平的内容一致.



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Taking continuing education courses online offers you flexibility and convenience while you earn CEUs and further your education. GCU的在线课程提供与传统课程相同的高质量体验,其中有许多 在线资源 并支持你的学习.

要了解我们的学术课程的校园和在线学费,请访问我们的 学费和杂费页面.  


GCU提供多种继续教育课程供学生选择. 有了这些品种, you’re able to focus your studies on furthering your career interests or specialize in an area of your choice.

如果你是一名特殊教育老师, there are numerous continuing education courses offered in focuses ranging from autism spectrum disorder to legal practices and policies in special education. Further develop your understanding and skills of special education by earning CEUs in your areas of specialization.

老师从不停止学习, 并且必须继续学习, 讨论和发展任何学科的教学技巧和方法. Continuing education courses such as Early Childhood Instructional Methodologies: Mathematics and 语言 and Literacy Development: Phonics and the Science of Reading are just a few career-specific continuing education courses that can advance your learning and further your career.

Current practitioners have the opportunity to further develop professionally through various continuing education courses offered at GCU. A wide variety of choices provides even more opportunity to learn and develop in areas such as crisis management in schools, 家庭和社区参与和扫盲.

心理学 is a field that is constantly evolving — heightening the importance to continue learning about important topics and relevant studies. 获得ceu,掌握以物理为重点的课程, 情感, 性虐待, 忽视, 和欺凌, and adolescent psychology can prove to be a catalyst in your career and the lives of those you work with.

For those looking to develop their understanding of bilingual literacy and diverse learning environments, 有许多英语和双语学习的课程, GCU提供的课程和实习. 通过掌握语言学课程,成为所有学生的知识渊博和有价值的教育家, 西班牙语或双语课程和方法.






浏览下面的课程指南表,选择你感兴趣的课程. Explore the curriculum and identify if it will meet your needs and estimate your investment before applying.




教学不仅仅是一种职业. 对教育工作者来说,改变生活是一种目标和激情的召唤. 虽然奖励, this profession is often met with rigorous challenges and lack of support that can unfortunately lower the drive and morale of evening the most passionate teachers.

Be an advocate: Lopes Teach Up strives to transform the rhetoric of education by shining light on the profession and brightening its outlook. Our mission is to shift the current conversation surrounding the hardships of teaching to refocus on how education is a career of servant leadership. 这是一个以有影响力和持久的方式赋予学生权力、丰富和提升学生的机会.

Job satisfaction and teacher appreciation can lead to heightened student achievement and a better quality of life. 让我们本着教育的精神团结起来! 在一起, we can support one another and follow our higher purpose as champions of teaching and learning for better futures.



如果你想参加继续教育课程, browse through our frequently asked questions to learn more about these courses and how you can start.

Continuing education courses offer a wide array of opportunities for students seeking professional degrees and certifications in higher education. 有资格参加继续教育课程的学生包括, 但不限于, teachers and academic 管理员s requiring coursework for state 许可 and certifications as well as nurses seeking content knowledge and 许可 in various areas of emphases.

Students should be reminded to confirm the credit hours and subject areas required by their state for professional development. 作为最佳实践, GCU的学术要求将以研究生课程的形式提供.

是的. It is important to show prospective employers that you are dedicated to learning and staying relevant in your field. This type of information is best shown in a Professional Development or similar section of your resume.

大多数州要求护理ceu进行执照更新. Continuing education for nurses may include topics that are relevant to improving patient quality and overall care, 比如道德护理实践或疾病预防. 计入护理CEU要求, 这些课程必须经过认可机构的认证.

它们不是. Both CEUs and college credits are similar in that they measure time spent toward completion of study. 然而, ceu不计入特定的大学学位, 而是认证或专业发展. College credits are a measure of academic credit hours that can be applied to a specific degree program.

浏览GCU的继续教育课程, 参考上面的课程列表表, 您可以在哪里查看具体的课程费用以及在线课程的开始日期. 如果你已经准备好继续在线学习, 点击“请求信息”与招生专家取得联系.


1 Please confirm with your agency prior to taking any 继续教育 or Single Courses to ensure course content meets their requirements.